Energy & Process Efficiency

Cascade X4 Cryocooler without housingCASCADE® cryocoolers utilise patented, technically advanced design and materials including patented refrigerants with the lowest global warming impact, providing class leading efficiency.

CASCADE® cryocoolers are free of CFC and HCFCs includingits insulation.

CASCADE® cryocoolers can be completely powered downfor up to 2 hours once cool without any loss of coolingperformance. In batch processing this can mean up to a 33% reduction in energy consumption.

CASCADE® cryocoolers can be set to automatically shutdown at days end and restart each morning, saving valuable resources during periods of idle time.

CASCADE® cryocoolers are designed for the circulareconomy, fully re-manufacturable, even after many years of use, reducing future waste and end of life costs.

CASCADE® cryocoolers exceed all technical and legal requirements worldwide including CE and UL approvals.

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